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Artist Bio

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Mason Adams Project is a 5-piece band performing mostly original tunes by singer/songwriter Mason Adams. MAP explores a rich blend of genres including Folk, Southern Rock, Texas Country, and Bluegrass.

Their high-energy compositions paired with relatable lyrics and 4-part vocal harmonies make Mason Adams Project’s music appealing to a wide range of listeners, who are taken on a musical journey of life experiences through storytelling and a dynamic musical approach. 

Mason Adams the singer/songwriter became Mason Adams Project the full band in 2017, and the group quickly began growing a healthy fanbase in the Dallas/Fort Worth music scene. With a sound that features approachable melodies, meaningful messages, freight-train rhythms, smoldering guitar solos, and a fiery mandolin lead, Mason Adams Project is sure to leave you wanting more.


Mason Adams: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Gil Altom: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jordan Raymer: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Chretien: Mandolin, Vocals
Peter Lyman: Drums


[email protected]

Call/text Mason Adams: (316) 727-1499‬

industry testimonials

“MAP brings good times and good music to any occasion!”
– John LaRue, Owner, Deep Ellum Art Co., Dallas, Texas



“MAP is Good ole Texas Rock n Roll,  with flavors of country and folk music, combined with songs written from the heart.”
– Michael Kervin, Senior Talent Buyer-Owner, Time2Fly, Dallas, Texas 



“Sounds like ‘Hillbilly-Hippie-Funk,’ and I mean Hillbilly in the most positive way. These guys have a little something to offer to anyone. As a promoter or venue owner, I am looking for acts that are as diverse as MAP.”
– Michael C. LaCroix,

Photography services  by Andrew Sherman of Drewlio Photo