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Artist Bio

Based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Mason Adams Project is a 5-piece genre-bending band — dubbed “hillbilly-hippie funk” by Michael LaCroix of DentonRadio — performing songs composed by the band’s founder, Mason Adams. Their sound explores a rich blend of Americana, folk, and rock, infused with authentic Texas twang.
Mason grew up in Bonham with a guitarist dad; Mason was a published poet by age 10 and began writing his own music in his teen years.  By 2017, Mason Adams Project, the full band, was born.
What began as Mason’s idea to perform with rotating musicians resulted in a full-time five-man band that, over the next six years, went on to perform scores of shows across North Texas, record five EPs and a full album, and develop a welcoming and diverse community of fans.

Through growth and good measure, Mason Adams Project has evolved sonically, welcoming new members in late 2023: guitarist Jordan Stoltz, Troy Stultz on keys, bassist Jon Green, and drummer Todd Jackson. All together, the members of MAP boast nearly 100 years of experience performing on stages across Texas.
Expanding its touring footprint, MAP is adding more cities and venues every month, always open to supporting national touring acts and partnering with festivals and private events around the region.


Mason Adams: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Jordan Stoltz: Lead Guitar
Jon Green: Bass Guitar
Troy Stultz: Key
Todd Jackson: Drums


[email protected]
Call/text Mason Adams: (316) 727-1499‬


  • Solo singer/songwriter performances
  • Duet (guitar and keys plus vocals; or two guitarists and vocals)
  • Full-band performance – MAP can provide its own PA and sound engineer for private events

industry testimonials

“MAP brings good times and good music to any occasion!”
– John LaRue, Owner, Deep Ellum Art Co., Dallas, Texas



“MAP is Good ole Texas Rock n Roll,  with flavors of country and folk music, combined with songs written from the heart.”
– Michael Kervin, Senior Talent Buyer-Owner, Time2Fly, Dallas, Texas 



“Sounds like ‘Hillbilly-Hippie-Funk,’ and I mean Hillbilly in the most positive way. These guys have a little something to offer to anyone. As a promoter or venue owner, I am looking for acts that are as diverse as MAP.”
– Michael C. LaCroix,